Articles and Poetry

Pastor Reed’s Articles

After The Election.doc
Are You Calling _ Are You Called.doc
Christian Don_t Bow Down.doc
Compromising Baptist Article.doc
Compromising Baptist or Does the Truth Matter Any More by Roger Reed.doc
God_s Core Values 1.doc
God_s Core Values.doc
How Will You Vote.doc
Is There A Judas Among Us.doc
It is a SIN to Vote for a Democrat.doc
Likeminded in Love.doc
My Pastor.doc
My Version of It is a SIN to Vote for a Liberal.doc
Not Forsaking.doc
Responsiblity For The Gospel.doc
Responsiblity Of The Gospel #1.doc
Responsiblity Of The Gospel #2.doc
Riding the Fence.doc
Same Sex Marriage.doc
Seven Fools.doc
Sodomy Not Homosexuality.doc
Take Off The Blinders.doc
The Excellent Name.doc
The Real Truth About Noah’s Ark.doc
The Subtilty of Satan, Gotcha.doc
True Deaconship.doc
Whose Body Is It.doc
Youth In America.doc

Pastor Reed’s Poems

When Jesus Comes.doc
Jesus Is Coming.doc
That Heavenly Shore.doc
Father Please.doc
My Dad the Pastor.doc
Jesus Will Get You Through.doc
Jesus soon will Appear.doc
Farther Than I Can See.doc
My Dad.doc